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1, How to register for new users ?
The registration for new users is FREE.Please return HOME to click the Register on top left corner and fill in the related information.
2, What to do when forgetting password?
If you forget your password, Please leave message to us with your username.The employees will send your password to your email account registered.
3. How to log in successfully?
Please do not close the function of COOKIES. If not, you cannot log in. For example, the firewall or online assistant will prohibit the COOKIES.
4,How to modify your personal info or upload photos?
After logging in, you can find the instructions for "modify personal info" and "upload photos" on the left side.
5, What is the Love golden coin?
We introduce the "Love golden coin" to provide better management and service. It is the dummy currency for consuming on our site.

The Love coin has mystery functions. You can use it to purchase our offered services. At the same time, we will hold some activities or provide gifts to make more fun for Love coin users. For example, you can modify information to recommend your photo shown on HOME, which will make many more friends find you soon.
1) Show on the HOME and all the member can be shown on the first ones.
2) Series of games on site, such as (pet center).
3) Buy the mystery awards on site.
4) exchange to voucher for shopping ( only for the trusted members or above).
5) take part in the lottery ( only for the trusted members or above) .
6) attend the culb of our site to participate some theme activities. Please look forward to other mystery functions

7, How to get the Love Golden Coin?
  ① Upload your photo, publish articles, added as good friends by others, publish manifesto or related topic comments.
  ② 2) get the coin by online time. you can get 1 coin if online for 1 minute. You can only get the successful calculation by click the EXIT on top right.
  ③ You can win the LOVE coins from the horse racecourse and ludo game if you are lucky.
  ④ The adminstrators will award coins to users according to their reality of information and support to our site.
  ⑤ upgrade to trusted member will be awarded 5000 LOVE coins. At the same time, you also can win double coins from online time and consume half coins of common member to purchase the same things. (except viewing the member info)
  ⑥ 6)If you are not satisfied with above ways, you can get the LOVE coins by E coins.
Conversion way: 10000 Love coins ==> 1 E coin. (Get E coins now) (Get Love golden coins now) 
[ Get E coins now?] [ Get love coins now?]
8, The punishment for abusing Love coins
In order to make more fun from making friends, Please obey the related clauses and regulations. Otherwise, we will punish by deduction golden coins according to different situations.
Remarks: The Love coin will be empty and the account will be deleted.
9, What is the E coin?
The E coin is new electronic currency of our site. One E coin is the same as One RMB. You can use it for the club activities outlays and shopping online. You don't have to hand in the fees before activities by submission in advance. The E coin can be exchange into LOVE coin.
10, What is the difference of E coin from Love coin?
10000 Love coins = 1 E coin. The E coin can purchase Love coin directly. The Love coin also can exchange into E coin on special timing.
11, How to get the E coin?
The users mainly purchase E coins by RMB, besides that the Love coin can exchange into E coin on special timing.  [ E Center coin dealers ] 
For Other help information, please enter our "customer service center" or call:


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