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Oriental beauty ( International ) Consulting Limited Corporation is a professional foreign marriage consulting company. It is invested by a prestigious company in China named --- Can Achieve Consulting Limited Company.

Can-Achieve Consulting Limited Company has been engaged in emigration, investment and study abroad in the past ten years. It has transacted emigration successfully for nearly ten thousands of Chinese people and helped numerous overseas Chinese find their spouses in China. Foreign marriage consultant is deeply trusted and sustained by overseas Chinese and international friends.

Oriental beauty ( International ) Consulting Limited Corporation not only offers a platform , LoveEcho.com for people to make friends on line, but also for the domestic single people with high quality provides a special channel --- a service for hunting mate . If you are single people providing with one of the following conditions and intending to be our member of Marriage Hunting, please contact our professional consultants.
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Terms for Gentlemen
  1. Total personal property is above 2 million RMB
  2. Education background is above bachelor degree.
  3. Overseas identity.
  4. National civil servant or senior staff of well-known company.
  5. Good family background and excellent and comprehensive personal .
  6. Monthly salary is above RMB 5000 Yuan. 

Terms for Ladies
  1. Good education background, family background and personal quality.
  2. Good personal characters.
  3. Overseas identity.
  4. An occupation of her own.
  5. Staff member of a well-known company.
  6. Special competence and professional knowledge.

If you are single and possess one of these terms, please contact us by the following methods,

E-mail:         Queenieleang@familysation.com
Tel:                1-877-AZN WIFE
Address:       2155 12 Avenue San Francisio Ca USA
Zip Code:      94116

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