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:: Please read service term ::
Thank you for joining Oriental beauty Island! The following is the article of service of Oriental beauty Island, read it carefully please! Please make sure you accord with the items and conditions of membership of Oriental beauty Island and completely agree with and accept items and conditions of membership made by Oriental beauty Island. If you donĄŻt accord with or cannot completely accept the items and conditions of membership of Oriental beauty Island, stop joining immediately please. Note please: if you continue joining, we regard you have already accepted them completely and promise observing the regulations of members.
Terms and Conditions of Membership: (you have to accord with the following items and conditions before you join Oriental beauty Island)
  1. you must be over 18 years of age,
  2. you must be single (unmarried, divorced or widowed),
  3. you must be with intention of love (marriage) to join as a member of Oriental beauty Island.
  Regulations of members (users who join Oriental beauty Island have to agree with the following items and conditions)
  You represent, warrant and covenant that:
  When you fill in your personal information on Oriental beauty Island (for example, your profile and messages you send), you must fill them according to the facts and you will not issue illusive information. You must ensure that your access to Oriental beauty Island and use of the Service is not illegal or prohibited by laws and social morality that apply to you. You are solely responsible for the legality of your actions under all applicable laws and social morality. The personal identification papers (including photos) you supply to Oriental beauty Island, no matter original documentations or duplicated documentations or e-texts, have to be true and valid. Forgery, alteration or counterfeit are not approved.
  You will not supply your personal identification papers (including photos) to anyone for helping any users to falsify profile. You are solely responsible for your interaction with other members of the Service. Oriental beauty Island and the staff wonĄŻt supply the services for ONLINE match, date, proof or introduction etc. You acknowledge that your use of the Service and Oriental beauty Island is solely at your own risk.
  You will not transmit "spam," chain letters, junk mail, or engage in any unsolicited mass distribution of e-mail. You will not use the service to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behaviors, including but not limited to the distribution of any sexually and/or racially offensive, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, harassing, libelous, slanderous or objectionable material of any kind, nor any unlawful or illegal material; or any material that infringes or violates another party"s rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights and privacy rights). You will not use the Service or Oriental beauty Island for any related political words (especially preach splitting China, attack the political system of China and propagate cult etc), any unauthorized commercial purposes. You will not issue any information that has nothing to do with looking after mate or marriage.

  You just have one memberĄŻs number. You will not apply for two or more profiles. You must update your profile in time when your information has changed. The membership will not be allowed transferring to anyone. You have right to request discontinuing your membership when you donĄŻt need the services of Oriental beauty Island (for example, you have found your match successfully or you think the website is not suited for you.)
  You can send us email to request discontinuing the services and canceling your profile on Oriental beauty Island (Tell us your number and password). The members, who have subscribed, request discontinuing your membership, canĄŻt get back part or all subscription you have subscribed.
  About the users who do not accord with the terms and conditions of membership or the members who disobey the regulations of members, Oriental beauty Island has right to refuse or discontinue Services even cancel the membership without any notify beforehand. The subscription you have subscribed wonĄŻt be handed back.
  Any member who once disobeys the regulations of members must assume all results including legal responsibility and civil responsibility. Oriental beauty Island has right to modify and improve the regulations of members continually without any notify


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